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    Best place in town for your best buddy!


    Holidays or casual business trips are coming and your dog needs a safe and fun place to be.

    Day Care

    You dog is too active and/ or too bored? Send your dog to us for activities and fun time.


    Our best feature is our knowledgeable team!

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    Buddy City started as a need for dogs to have a safe place to socialize calmly in the city center. We are located in Jing'an District, nearby Baoshan subway station.


    Dog parks and busy streets are not dog-friendly in Shanghai, making social encounters very limiting and unfortunately also dangerous. The more constrained our dogs are, less socialized they get. Dogs can enjoy good socials in a controlled area, improve their confidence and make a few friends along the way.


    Buddy City offers indoor playgrounds for dogs to play and socialize, comfy accommodations where your dog can also rest, eat in peace and take a break from the activities.


    Their comfort and safety are our highest priorities, aiming to become a new standard in dog care.


    We offer Day Care, Dog boarding, Cat boarding, Training, Pet shop and Grooming. Come for a visit and you can schedule a behavioral assessment so we can meet your dog, too. We are open from 9am~9pm.

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    Trained and experienced

    Our staff is trained and always learning about dogs everyday. We embrace with love, and educate with passion.

    Your dogs will be surrounded by experienced dog caregivers and trainers that are dog loving people that want to learn more about dogs' needs, their behaviors and how to increase their chances of better manners.

    All trained to handle dogs and give them the best care available. We are here 24 hours, watching over your pets closely and ready for anything.

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    Proper socialization

    Many people think that a dog park is the place for dogs to socialize. When actually can be quite the opposite.

    If your dog is still learning and is still very insecure around other dogs, meeting random dogs that are not trained nor socialized can be horrible for your dog. They can get into fights, they can be chased and in worse case scenario, your dog can run away scared and get lost.


    By offering a calm and safe place, your dog can focus on meeting and truly be social around other dogs.

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    We are located downtown Shanghai, in Jing'an District, 10 minutes walk from Baoshan Subway Station (line 4).

    Buddy City was made to be closer to our customers and still offer dogs a good routine and a fun time.

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    For dogs looking for more stimulation, fun and learning!


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    Dog needs a place to stay for a day? Maybe longer?


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    No dog is perfect, but we can help get him better.


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    Can you smell your from a mile? I guess it's time for a bath.



    Not your average doggy day care.

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    Every dog wants to meet other dogs and interact. They sniff, observe, play or just share the same space in harmony.

    When dogs stay at home all alone, they miss a huge opportunity to be learning and having vital stimulation for their physical and mental health. One day of Play School can replace hours of walking a dog that is so desperate for something to do.

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    A different type of school for dogs


    Play School is a way for dogs to meet socially in a place where they can be safe and not get into serious fights.

    Dogs have different personalities and needs, and as professionals, we look after dogs and show them better ways to behave and share space with other dogs.


    The reason why dog parks are not a good place to socialize, is because there are many dogs that don't have good manners and can be quite aggressive and be a bad influence to your dog. And these bad encounters can affect your dog as he grows up by either scarring your dog with a trauma or being a bad influence.


    Dogs get to test their limits and also learn boundaries safely, with the right companion at Play School.

    Play School is not all about play, but also about teaching how to be a more lovable dog and learning how to be more tolerant around other dogs.


    Hyper dogs can find a play mate to spend the excess energy. Insecure dogs get a chance to learn how to play slowly. And shy dogs have a chance to just feel safe and explore.


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    How does it help?

    If you are in any of these situations, our recreation service is for you:


    -Your dog is young and is hard to find calm social dogs to interact safely.


    -There are no areas to allow your dog to meet other dogs off-leash.


    -Your dog is fairly good at home, but freaks out when seeying other dogs outside home.


    -Your dogs stays too much time indoors, and having a day with activities and company would enrich his day.

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    How does it work?

    All dogs that want to join the recreation groups, need to go through an evaluation.


    Appointments can be scheduled any day of the week from Wednesday~Sunday. From the periods from 10~1pm or 4~6pm.

    The session lasts from 45 minutes~ 1 hour. Families get to know the school, understand how to build a routine that works for the family and put the family and dog in a training mindset to prepare him to school. The appointment FEE of 50 rmb. Any cancellation needs to be informed 24 hours prior, or it won't be refunded.


    Dogs are evaluated by their overall reactions to new environments and seeing new dogs and people and determine if your dog is ready for school or if a period of adaptation and training is required prior to school.


    If your dog is not ready for school, DON'T WORRY! It takes some time to adjust and set your dog to feel calmer around a different environment.


    After you have been given the instructions to prep your dog to school, keep these things in mind:


    1-Every dog is different. Some may adapt faster and start playing, while others can take up to a month or so to finally open up and accept school.

    2-If you require transportation, be mindful that some dogs might feel carsick initially due to the new experience of going inside a crate, inside a car and travelling alone. It is always good to start some crate training for your dog to minimize a sudden shock. But most dogs we received had learned how to manage it with time. :) We like to prepare dogs for crate training because most likely in the future they will have to fly to a different country, and it is always good to let them familiar with it sooner than later.


    Every month, dogs learn a different training skill. The program will be sent once your dog has been approved and enrolled. Throughout the year we teach valuable skills for dogs and we send homework for dog owners to keep practicing every week. Dogs learn and practice skills from basic stay, respond to their names and basic leash walking skills. And if your dog is already a pro in tricks, then we teach him how to improve on them and advance his learning.

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    Full Day (from 9am ~ 5pm)

    298 rmb


    Going for a trip and want your dog to also have extra activities while he is boarding with us? *

    Additional to the boarding fee, then it will be charged:

    +100 rmb /per Day Care session


    *Not all dogs are suitable for Day Care, but we will advise dog owner after a behavior assessment.


    Pick up/ Drop off is calculated according to distance.



    If you want to join our membership plans and be a long term customer, you can benefit from better prices.

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  • FAQ

    My dog is not so friendly. Can he go to the Play School?

    All dogs go through a behavior assessment where we can observe and evaluate how your dog behaves with different calm dogs and situations. Not all dogs are ready for social meetings yet, but our team will meet your dog and check his level of sociability in a calm and controlled environment.

    How often should my dog go to the Play School for activities?

    Your dog can come as many times as you decide. Although dogs can be quite tired after a long day of activities and social interaction and giving a one day off at home is also a good call. We recommend initially once a week, and if your dog is starting to feel more comfortable, he can come twice a week. And if you really want to incorporate school into your dog's life, he can come three times a week.

    What will my dog do at the Play School?

    Activities include Basic Obedience, Scent Games, Fetch games, Massage time and many others. We want dogs to learn and have a change to explore and play with different things until they find what they like the most.


    Dogs will also take several turns to play with other dogs with compatible personalities and learn how to enjoy a social time and also play with dogs they feel comfortable with. The recreation time is not only about play. Dogs like to sniff, investigate and learn new things by observing the interactions of other individuals, resulting in a dog that knows how to share space with others.

    They also go for a walk outside for basic leash walk training and use the treadmill for a more intense physical exercise if needed.

    At Buddy City, we want your dog socializing, playing and learning with us.

    Will you wash my dog?

    Washing and grooming is charged apart. Most dogs don’t need bathing more than twice per month depending on the fur type and how dirty they are. After the day of play, if you want to ask for grooming, it can be charged later on.


    Dogs that board with us for over 7 nights will get a free shower.

    What if my dog doesn’t pass the behavioral evaluation?

    Do not fear. You don’t own a bad dog. Not all dogs are ready for a Daycare environment. To improve these chances, dog owners are redirected to dog training sessions, where they will learn about their dogs’ needs and how to improve their behavior and habits at home before confronting a social meeting.

    Do I have to become a member to use the Play School?

    Once your dog enjoys coming over for socials, it will be far more convenient and with many more benefits once you become a member, such as discounts in selected items and services. Having your dog come every week will help him meet up with his favorite dog friends and also meet different possible new friends.
    But if you want to pay for each session individually until you feel like your dog is confident and you are satisfied with the program, it is not a problem, too.

    Can you train my dog at Play School?

    Play School has training activities, but these sessions are focused on socialization. If you dog needs actual training or has behavioral issues, then he should enroll the 1x1 training programs.

    Some dogs already practice training at home, and we help reinforce it. And other dogs had to participate into training programs before and Play School is a way for them to keep practicing.

    The role of Day Care is to expose your dog to as many different situations and dogs possible, to build more tolerance and give them something to get distracted. If your dog is not behaving so well at home, we require dog owners to learn how to manage their dogs and participate in more dog training classes first. As we often say: Education starts from home.

    My dog is not spayed/neutered. Can he/she join School?

    Young dogs up to one year old can attend school without being neutered/spayed. We want dogs to grow up healthy and allow time and hormones to work properly on their bodies. Although we cannot accept dogs older than 1-year old that are intact.

    If you need more information on the topic and still need help socializing your intact older dog, feel free to contact us.


    We want our dogs to be as happy as we are when we are away.

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    Why boarding with us?

    When dogs stay in average boarding places, they usually stay in small cages most of the day and go out only for necessities, which can be a very sad, boring and stressful situation for our dogs to be enduring for such a long time while their owners are enjoying vacations.

    And unfortunately, for most people in the city center that's the only option they have.


    At Buddy City, your pet has lots of company while boarding with us. Our Social Dog/Cat Boarding provides a more stimulating environment and encourages social interactions.


    Pets don't stay only inside their rooms. They also meet other dogs and play with people.


    What will my dog have at Buddy City Dog Boarding?

    -Your dog will be taken out for a walk twice a day (morning and night).

    -Playtime with other dogs to socialize and play with other dogs or people 3 times per day.

    -Body check every day.

    -Have filtered water replaced 3 times a day, his own bed and feeding bowls.

    -Have a video sent to family every 2 days.

    -Receive a behavioral report with tips on handling your dog when returning home.


    What will my cat have at Buddy City Cat Boarding?

    -Your cat can come out of his room twice a day to play and explore.

    -A minimum 15 minutes playtime and social time with other cats (if your cat is sociable).

    -Have a video sent to family every 2~3 days.

    -Have filtered water replaced 3 times a day, his own bed, a scratcher, litter box with sand and feeding bowls.

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    Safe walks outside

    Life in the city of Shanghai is hard, but we do our best to provide the best time for your dog while he is boarding with us. Dogs play in our playgrounds and also walk outside for potty walks.

    Dogs wear two leashes for safety and go around the block and back to the building for a fun time with friends.


    What we need from you and your pet


    -Have proof of full vaccination updated (photo or original).

    -Be above 4 months old.

    -Be healthy and had no contagious disease within the last 30 days prior to boarding.

    -Dog license or receipt from Police Office (required for dog walks).

    -During holiday season, we require owners to pay 10% of the boarding fee to reserve a room.

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


    I just got a puppy/kitten, can he board with you?

    If you puppy is above 4 months old and have all vaccinations (3 standard shots against Distemper and Parvo virus + rabies shot), then he can join us. :)

    Only vaccinations from hospitals with the stickers will be accepted. Photo of proof, or records from hospital required for confirmation of reservation.


    I reserved a room for my pet, what do I need to prepare?

    We provide fresh filtered water to all pets, feeding bowls and beds.

    From your part, please prepare:

    -Food for the boarding period (plus a little extra in case of delays in your plans)



    -His own bed (optional)

    -Blanket with the scent from home


    What if my pet's food runs out while I am away?

    Buddy City also has a pet shop, and if the food runs out, owners can purchase a bag from us. If the food brand doesn't match the brand your dog eats, we can recommend a suitable brand for your dog and budget. If it is convenient to you, you can order online and ship it to us.


    How long are the walks for my dog?

    We walk dogs around the block, and can be from 15~20 minutes each dog depending on season. At least enough until they can potty outside and be back for indoor activities with other dogs.


    My dog is not friendly to strangers or dogs. How will he spend the time there?

    Every dog is different, so we evaluate the personality and see if there is any other dog that might be a potential friend. In case your dog really can be aggressive towards other dogs, he will still have all the basic care as the other dogs, but in his private time.

    If your dog is not friendly to strangers, we will try to spend as much spare time to bond with your dog and see how we can make his stay more comfortable.


    My cat has never been boarded, will he be ok?

    Some cats are more sociable than others. The cats that are sociable will have time to play outside their rooms and mingle with other social cats. The cats that are very skittish will have the time to bond with us until they can relax more, and maybe with time they will give us a chance to play. Meanwhile, they will still have their litter boxes cleaned and be fed accordingly.


    My dog is afraid of larger dogs, will he be safe?

    The groups are organized according to personality and size. We try to minimize as much conflicts between dogs possible and allow them to explore and learn. Larger dogs play with dogs of their size and smaller size dogs will play with smaller dogs. There will be exceptions only in VERY special situations.

    All play sessions are supervised by a staff to keep things in order.


    How many times do you walk dogs outside?

    We walk dogs twice per day, morning and night. Except during rainy days or other non-favorable conditions (overheat or extreme cold).


    My dog's potty timing looks a bit off after coming back from boarding. Why?

    If you own a dog up to 2 years of age, dogs are always changing behavior, specially if it is his first time boarding with us or boarding at all. Our routine might also be different from yours, so the dogs usually need a few days to readjust. It's completely normal and most dogs tend to go back home ok. If you feel your dog is a bit odd, please contact us and we will guide you through what can be done to help your dog readjust home. :)


    Will I have updates of my pet every day?

    We send updates with photos or video the following day your pet arrives and then after every 2~3 days. We can't send updates every day since we have to make videos for other pets, too. But any additional video we get, will be sent to you whenever possible. We love making videos of pets playing. :)


    Do you offer transportation?

    Yes, we have pick up and drop off service. It is calculated according to your distance from us, please contact us for more details and quotes. Customers need to choose between 8~10am, 1~3pm or 6~8pm time frames.

    We can't specify an exact time because we can't control traffic issues and we have multiple pets to pick up and drop off at the same trip.


    Will my pet feel cold (winter) or overheat (summer) ?

    All facility, specially pet rooms are equipped with air-conditioning and heating and used according to the need. Average temperature in rooms is 22~24 degrees.




    Training is essential to all dogs.

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    Not all dogs will be master of tricks, but that is not what training is all about. With the proper guidance, dog owners can learn how to manage them at home according to your own home routine, and how to make it effective and long lasting. The training program will improve the engagement, bonding and communication between dog and their owners.


    We want to show dog owners that obedience training is NOT about turning your dog into a slave that will only obey. Obedience training is NOT about waving food in front of your dog in order to do silly tricks. We want dogs to see obedience training as an experience where they learn through fun games, and once they have learned it properly, continue improving until they can make good choices on their own.


    Just like a regular job, there might be parts of it that you don't enjoy doing, but you must do it anyway, because that is what make you a better and more reliable individual. And we very much like our dogs learning and following the same path.


    And when we end up having a dog that really loves every aspect of his job...we are more than happy to help this dog become the best he can be.


    If you don't have the time or a steady routine

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    Dogs will learn the essentials dog manners and be able to performs the basic commands.

    It's not only about teaching dogs cute tricks. Dogs need to learn something in order to avoid behavior issues later in life and be ready to listen to their owners instead of making poor choices.


    During training we focus on:

    -Building a clear communication system between dog and families

    -Learn basic essential skills such as 'Stay/Place', 'Leave it', or other skills that may be of use.

    -Have better leash walking skills

    -Socialize with other dogs and people


    In addition to the training, owners commit to participate in a minimum of 4 classes during the training period to learn the techniques and make a smooth transition from trainer to owners. Upon completion of training, owners will receive:


    -1 home session in the completion of program.

    -A behavioral report of dog personality and how to continue managing them at home.


    All dogs coming for training must undergo a minimum of 2 weeks training.

    Dogs with behavior issues, such as dog/people redirected aggression, extreme fear/anxiety, resource guarding, need a longer term training and more commitment from the owners to better manage their dogs and learn more about them.


    If you want to know if your dog is suitable for this program, contact us and schedule a training assessment.



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    If you have plenty of time available or can fit some time to train your dog by yourself in your daily schedule, then self-training program is also an option. In order to change our dog's habits, we have to change our own, and that can be more challenging. But with the proper guidance and knowledge, owners and their dogs can achieve a level of understanding.

    Owners will learn the essentials on how to train (or retrain) their dogs for better habits and routines in a slower pace, but consistently. Dog owners will learn what are the steps of training and what is necessary for their dogs to be ready to learn.


    The program includes:

    -Four or Eight classes of 45 minutes duration

    -Learning how to manage dogs at home during training

    -What to avoid and what to teach

    -Learn engagement and basic skills

    -Meet other dogs and people under supervision

    -Teach the basic concepts of: Place/Stay, Leave it/ Drop and Leash walking manners.


    Many dogs are not habituated to different environments and bringing them to the school might not be effective. But owners can still attend to classes and learn from our dogs on what to do and carry on at home, where the dog is more comfortable and responsive.


    If you want to know if your dog is suitable for this program, contact us and schedule a training assessment.

    Self-training classes are from WEDNESDAY~SUNDAY, 9-11 am or 4-6 pm. Consult us on the available time slots for classes.


  • Frequently Asked Questions

    I paid for the program, but I can't participate due to emergencies. Can I get a refund?

    Program fee is not refundable. But you can reschedule that class in another day of the week. If you cannot carry on with classes we can still train the dog, but the training will be incomplete without the owners participating effectively.

    Customers also need to use the classes within 6 month period after payment. After that, the training package will expire. We highly suggest owners to be able to commit to at least one class per week.

    I don't need my dog to learn tricks. Can he focus only on a few lessons?

    The entire program content is important to have a good foundation about dog behavior and how to better communicate with dogs. Tricks are essential to stimulate dog's brains and help them perform better at different situations. Unless the dog has been already in the minimum 2 weeks requirement and graduated in the basic program, then we can focus the next training in more specific classes and address persistent behavior issues.

    I have two dogs, do both get charged for classes?

    For Board&Training, yes. Each dog is charged.

    For Self-training, no.

    Will my dog go back home and misbehave again after the program?

    Dogs are not robots. We will teach them lessons, but if the owner commits into learning all the content and how to properly manage their dogs, then the transition period and learning will be smoother and get better results.

    If we get sloppy on the first weeks the dog is back home, will be hard for dogs to understand what has to be changed in behavior. Join the minimum 4 classes, learn, practice and put it into use. The last session is at your home, where the dog and trainer will guide you through what needs to be done to adapt lessons to the home routine.



    Dogs in good careful hands and going back home with a good smell

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    Bathing a dog might sound easy, but many dogs struggle to get a shower.

    And done properly, the dog will be ok after the experience. Not all dogs will love taking a shower, but they can still have a less stressful day and go back home safe and sound.


    We also use only the highest quality product and good hairstyle closer to what is instructed as long as there are good reference photos and the fur condition of the dog is appropriate.


    We are forbidden to shave dogs without direct request from the owner. If the dog has skin issues or deep fur knots, owners will be contacted and be advised of what is best for your dog.

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    Plan A


    2000 RMB



    10% OFF

    10 % discount

    Plan B


    5000 RMB



    15% OFF

    15% discount

    Plan C


    8000 RMB



    20% OFF

    20% discount

    No Expiration

    Credits are valid until you use them all!


    For more information on pricing and application, contact us!

    Discount in all services

    Discount rate for Grooming, Playschool, Boarding, Products and Training.




    Buddy City offers membership and plans for dogs that are looking for more activity and according to the owner's availability.

    Up to 20% Discount

    Every week we will have selected products and services with up to 20% discount available.

    We want our members to be valued and every costs towards your pets are completely worth it.

    We imported products that are fun, healthy and safe.


    Located nearby the busy center of Shanghai, your dog doesn't need to go very far to enjoy a fun day with other dogs.

    If you want to come visit us, we are very close to Baoshan Subway Station.

    Pick up/Drop off Service

    Maybe you are too busy to leave your dog with us?

    No worries, we can pick him up.

    We have a van and qualified driver that can pick up your dog early morning and bring him back home for dinner time.


    Better Dog

    In the end, the ultimate benefit is having a calmer dog and gaining more knowledge about your dog and his needs.


    You and your dog are more than welcome here any time. :)



    Thank you for your appreciation!

    "Thank you, the entire Buddy City Team. Teddy is so confident and happy. I am sure he learned so much from all the amazing experience and his beloved doggy friends."

    -Teddy's mom (Boarding)

    "Just wanted to make sure I mentioned to you, each time Bili has come back from Buddy City, he is a better version of himself! Thank you for all the love and attention you guys give him!"

    -Bili's mom (Boarding)

    "I love Day Care! Normally at this time, Lemon would be barking for snacks now, but she is completely beat and I am having a wonderful quiet night! Hahaha!"

    -Lemon and Maomao's mom (Boarding & Day Care)

    "Thank you so much for taking good care of Pijiu. It's really reassuring to know she has a good place to go when we are away!"

    -Pijiu's dad (Boarding & Day Care)

    "Chico is sooo different from before (in a good way). Yesterday, for the first time, we made such a calm car trip back home. At home, he was calm and left us in peace without nagging us for attention. We are very VERY satisfied!! Now our lives will be very different!"

    -Chico's mom (Boarding)

    "Thanks a lot for the good care! Chuma seems in quite good spirit and didn't get fat (like the last time we went on vacation and he stayed at home)!"

    -Chuma's mom (Cat Boarding)


    You can reach us through:

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  • Or send us a message!

    Send us your questions, suggestions, or just a happy heads-up about your dog. We are always looking forward to improve our services and make your dog’s time enjoyable here at Buddy City.

    永兴路76-78号 , Yongxing lu 76-78
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